Increase Your Property Value by Using Native Plants

by Caroline Kirby

If you’ve been wondering how you could spruce up your land lately you’ve probably considered landscaping. A great option that adds aesthetic appeal and value to any property, but what most landowners don’t enjoy is the time, effort, and price tag that often comes with great landscaping.

The good news is that there are different approaches you can take that still bring quality and value to your property. Today we’ll focus on the benefits of using native plants on your land.

The Benefits of Using Native Plants

It can be tempting to pepper your property with exotic and beautiful plants from other regions, but introducing plants from other areas could have a negative impact on your property. They can be costly, time-consuming to manage, and even become invasive, affecting the native flora and fauna.

Native plants are those that occur naturally in a region in which they evolved, according to Audubon. Here are some of the ways they can be advantageous for your land over popular exotic species.

  • They Will Thrive in Your Climate: They’ve adapted to your local climate and are more likely to withstand the effects of harsh winters or dry summers. Native plants are also better equipped to deal with common pests and diseases, with many having evolved to protect themselves from predators. You can sit back and relax while the native plants flourish!

  • Restore Natural Habitat: Enhance your property and make it a natural habitat for animals in the area. Native plants generally produce fruit, nuts, seeds, and nectar which are a natural food source for many birds and animals and may also serve as shelter for certain species.

  • They’re Low Maintenance: The great thing about native plants is that they can already grow on their own in the wild so they won’t need too much attention except maybe when they’re young. Once your native plants are established, you likely won’t have to worry about any upkeep.

You can learn more about the other benefits of incorporating native plants onto your land as well as identify native plant species for your region by checking out this database. Whether you have a plot of vacant land or residential property, implementing native plants into your landscape could boost your property’s value.

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