Buying Land

5 Tips To Consider When Buying Land

by Caroline Kirby

Tired of looking for good hunting spots on public land? Or did your lease just finish? Whatever the reason may be, there are many benefits to finding and buying your own hunting land. Finding the best property for your needs can be tricky, but with the right steps and plan it’s not impossible.

Before we can dive into what you need to look for in hunting land, we should talk about the benefits of having your own land.

Why Buy Your Own Land?

Freedom! When you own your hunting land, you have the power to manage everything on the property from the animal population to who you let hunt on the land. Also, it’s a great investment and can be safer since you’re the one making the rules.

Choosing Your Property

When looking for and evaluating hunting land, there are some important things you’ll want to consider. As you start the process of searching for the best property, keep these questions in mind to guide you.


  1. Why are you buying
    Starting with this question is crucial, be clear about your motives for buying land. Are you looking for something income producing or solely to hunt on? If you do the right research, you could end up with a piece of land that you could rent out to farmers or property with timber you could sell. There are tons of options so take your time because the answer to this question will dictate the rest.
  1. What are the options for access?
    Typically, the choices include a road frontage/public road OR something a little more private, an easement. If that’s the case, you’ll want to find out more details: how wide is the easement? Who is responsible for maintenance? Is the easement transferrable to heirs, assigns, or successors of the property? One is not better than the other, it will entirely depend on your preference.
  1. Is it a good location?
    This doesn’t only cover accessibility or convenience for you, but also what is on the land and in the surrounding area. What’s the point of buying land to hunt if there’s nothing to hunt? Take the time to do your research and see what region the animals you want to track live in.
  1. What are your “non-negotiables”?
    Property is an investment, and if you’re a first-time buyer you may have a list of must haves, write down the things that are important to you for your land. Maybe that’s a stellar view, an established food plot, or access to a lake. Whatever they may be, have a clear idea and expectation.
  1. How much are the taxes?
    Sure, you’ve made your budget, and you’re sticking to it BUT did you consider taxes? Unfortunately, taxes are often forgotten and can be a burden for new owners later on down the road. Know exactly what you’ll need to pay each year before making any offers or signing any contracts.


Keep these five questions in the back of your mind while you look through properties; you don’t have to have all of the answers right off the bat, but they will be useful when it comes to making a decision. As you start the hunt for the perfect property be sure to do your due diligence.

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