Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson began serving the citizens of Newton County, Mississippi, as a volunteer
firefighter while attending Union High School. Following graduation, Chris began his
professional career as an EMT and paramedic, which paved the way for him to pursue
employment as a critical care paramedic. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree
in Public Safety, along with an extensive list of professional certifications, while working
as a paramedic.
Chris learned the importance of hardwork and appreciating the land at an early age.
Growing up in Mississippi, he worked on his grandparents’ cattle farm and spent many
hours hunting and fishing with his father. Doors opened for Chris to further his education
in land and real estate after the passing of his father in 2021. This additional knowledge
allowed him to become an asset to those looking to become new landowners or current
landowners looking to expand their footprint.
The ability to serve his fellow land enthusiasts by helping them find their dream property
is what drives Chris. He wants everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the great
outdoors. Chris is licensed in Mississippi, and works out of the Backwoods Land
Company office in Carthage, Mississippi.
In his free time, Chris enjoys deer and duck hunting, fishing and playing golf.

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