Why Land in Mississippi Should Be at the Top of Your List


by Caroline Kirby

What do magnolia trees, blues music, and Elvis Presley have in common? They all hail from Mississippi. This Southern state is known for many things including its hospitality, charm, and down-home cooking but today we want to go a little deeper and spotlight some of the amazing land opportunities throughout Mississippi.

Mississippi may be small, but it has a lot to offer! There’s hunting land, resources for farmers, over 65% of the state is covered in forests, and much more. The entire state’s population lingers just below 3 million, but Mississippi brings diversity to the table.

With two regions: The Delta and The Gulf Coastal Plain, it’s easier for you to decide on what kind of land meets your needs. The Delta which starts at the Mississippi River and extends all the way east to the state border offers very fertile soil while the Gulf Coastal Plain has the Red Clay Hills (with reddish-orange soil) and Holly Springs National Forest as well as the Gulf Islands National Seashore, with 160 miles of maritime forests, bayous, and sandy beaches.

3 Reasons to Buy Land in Mississippi

If you’re at all interested in land for hunting, timber, or farming Mississippi is your state. Read on as we break down some of the best reasons and regions of the Magnolia State for buying land.

  1. Hunting: Mississippi is widely known as one of the best places to hunt in the U.S. thanks to the very fertile delta region, good wildlife management, and more than enough hunting lodges you can hunt turkey, ducks, white-tailed deer, fox, and many others! Mississippi’s Delta region is considered one of the top places for quality hunting because the fertile soil attracts a variety of animals, including some of the largest deer in the state. Floods in the North Delta make hunting waterfowl ideal while South Delta is better for deer.

  2. Timber: Like we said above, over 60% of the state is covered in forests! This makes it an ideal spot for land buyers looking to invest and produce income off of timber. In fact, the timber harvest in 2017 brought in over $1 billion in Mississippi! With 19.7 million acres of forest across the state, you have plenty of options.

  3. Farming: We’ve mentioned several times just how great the fertile soil of Mississippi is, which is why it’s no surprise that rice, cotton, soybeans, and corn are among the top commodities of the Mississippi agriculture industry. Other popular farming ventures include chickens, cattle and catfish. Agriculture is easily Mississippi’s top industry and employs 17% of the state’s workforce meaning you will have lots of support and opportunities to learn, especially from local universities.

Are you getting excited to start looking at land in Mississippi? Let us help you find the perfect property. Call Backwoods Land Company today, 601-209-4882!

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