Hinds County

Do you love city living but need a close rural retreat for a break? Backwoods Land Co proudly brings you rural acreage near the city-center in the great Magnolia state. Right outside your door in Hinds County Mississippi, you’ll find the perfect getaway that feels like the country but is centrally located and easily accessible. Get the break you deserve with recreational rural land in Hinds County. Explore all the best land plots in Hinds County, right near Jackson. Backwoods Land Co experts are standing by, ready to help get you in your ideal home-away-from-home today!

There are 20 properties in this county

Hinds County Mississippi Land for Sale

Backwoods Land Co is proud to give you property for sale in Hinds County, MS, home to the busy center of commerce in this great state. As the most populous county in Mississippi, land for sale in Hinds County is always sought-after. Backwoods Land Co serves the entire region of Hinds County, providing homes for sale in Jackson, MS if you’re searching for a metropolitan Mississippi experience, to rural acreage for sale in Hinds County if you need a nearby weekend getaway. In the almost 900 square acres of land in Hinds County, you can have it all: city living and rural retreats! Join the 250,000 who happily call Hinds County home.

Hinds County MS Property Search

A Hinds County land map will reveal Hinds County as a central part of the Jackson, MS metropolitan area. Known as the professional, educational, business, and industrial center of Mississippi, it might surprise you to know that there are also currently over 5000 acres of recreational land for sale in Hinds County MS. If you’re searching for hunting properties for sale near Jackson, MS, this is your best option. The average size of hunting land for sale in Hinds County is roughly 200 acres, providing tons of space for hunting trophy whitetail deer, waterfowl such as ducks and geese, turkey, elk, rabbit, bobwhite quail, frog, raccoon, opossum, dove, squirrel, and bobcat to name a few. All within one great area, you can spend the week working and on the weekends visit your hunting cabin in Hinds County. It may sound too good to be true, but we promise, this is possible!

Hinds County MS Fishing Land for Sale

Located in the Capital River Region of Mississippi, Hinds County is bordered by the Big Black River and the Pearl River. The Hinds County waterways provide ample space for canoeing, camping, kayaking, boating, swimming, skiing, and other entertaining water sports. Additionally, the best fishing spots in Hinds County can be found in 13 lakes, 71 rivers and streams, and 28 reservoirs. Whether you’re fishing for Striped Bass, Bream/Bluegill, Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Blue Catfish, Bullhead, Flathead Catfish, Rainbow Trout, White Bass,or Warmouth, your new favorite fishing spot is bound to be Hinds County. Buy fishing land in Hinds County, grab your fishing gear, and get ready for a big catch!

Hinds County, Mississippi Farm Land Information

The best Hinds County land brokers will tell you that another huge benefit of buying land in Hinds County MS is the plethora of farmland available. Averaging about 100 acres, farmland for sale in Hinds County is rich for growing cotton and other profitable crops on both commercial and small farm levels.

Why Buy Land in Hinds County, MS?

So you can fish, hunt, farm, ranch, explore rural land, and enjoy all that the recreational land for sale in Hinds County has to offer. That’s not even mentioning all the activities to do in Hinds County MS, including Hinds County attractions, historical sites, and family fun locations. But that’s a whole other topic to explore! Have we convinced you?

Submit a Hinds County land query to Backwoods Land Co today. Our knowledgeable Hinds County land experts are sure to find you your dream home in the beautiful Magnolia state, right in the bustling center of Hinds County!


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