4 Tips to Attract Deer to Your Land

You finally have your own slice of hunting heaven! You’ve purchased rural land for the hunt and are ready to go. Yet the challenge with hunting is that deer are notoriously elusive animals. Patience is a must if we want a chance at snagging a prized buck, but sometimes it can feel like the hunt never ends, especially when you’ve seen nothing all day. Don’t spend your time sitting in your blind, losing valuable daylight! Apply these helpful tips and you’ll have a hunting area that deer find inviting. You’re sure to get them coming right into your sights. 

How to Attract Deer Fast

Backwoods Land Company was formed to provide land services for our clients by avid outdoorsmen, hunters, and recreational enthusiasts who know Mississippi land! When you buy a piece of hunting property with us, we can explore the land with you, using our years of expertise to determine the best food plot locations for whitetail deer, where vegetation needs to be thinned, how to plan your fence breaks, where to position hunting stands, and the precise spot to place deer lures. Our motto is “clients come first” and to that end, we offer you our knowledge and experience to make your land exactly what you want it to be for hunting. Use these tips for attracting deer to your land and get ready to bag the big one! 

Attract Deer with Food Plots

One of the best ways to attract deer to property is by establishing food plots. Yes, it may take a little backbreaking labor but it’s well worth it when you bag your first trophy buck on your own land! What attracts deer the best is food, pure and simple! One fantastic formula to follow to guarantee improving deer numbers on your land is a 60%:20%:20% ratio. 60% of your food plot plants should be cold season perennials. Then 20% should be cold season annuals such as rape, kale, and turnip. Lastly, 20% should be warm season annuals such as corn, soybeans, and alfalfa.

Salt Licks/Mineral Sources for Attracting Deer

Attracting deer to your property can be accomplished with the careful placement of a few alluring salt licks. Bovine salt licks are always an affordable and reliable option. Mineral sources are tantalizing to deer and this is one of the surefire cheap ways to attract deer to your land

Increase Deer Numbers with Planned Fences

If your property is partially or entirely surrounded by fences, it will discourage whitetails from coming in. The best way to attract deer to fenced properties is to strategically create holes in your fence line for deer to pass through easily.The best location for deer fence breaks is along roads where deer are funneled to, near water or food sources, or along natural game trails. It’s best to avoid completely open land, so if you don’t currently have fences, place some strategically, leaving open areas for deer to enter.

Vegetation to Attract Deer 

Deer are wary of wide open spaces but they have to be able to navigate around your land easily which makes finding the right balance of vegetation a tricky task. If tree density is too thick, deer won’t be able to travel easily around your land and will have a harder time feeding. The solution here is to thin out the vegetation, creating game trails and leaving the best trees for attracting deer. These most desirable tree species for deer are mast-producing trees which include young oaks, beech, chestnut, hickory, crabapple, and persimmon. Some of the best bushes for attracting deer are blackberries, grape, honeysuckle, and staghorn sumac. Keep about 20% of your woodland filled with these plant species to attract deer to your land.

Increasing Deer Numbers 

Whether the land you’re on is one acre or thousands, it won’t take long to find what would make your property more appealing to deer. You can come up with great spots to place these deer-attractors by carefully going over your land. Or Backwoods Land can always help you with more strategies to attract deer to your land during the land buying process. 

With just a little work, you’ll be bagging deer with ease in no time with these tried-and-true methods for attracting deer to land. What are you waiting for? Get going and apply these tips for attracting deer so you can finally enjoy your rural weekend escape for what it was meant: happy hunting! 

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