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Land for Sale in Mississippi

Living in the Magnolia State is a privilege and most residents consider it an honor to be able to call Mississippi home. The people are generous beyond measure, the cost of living is low, and this state offers a ton of exciting activities and a rich history to explore. Perhaps the most compelling reason to call Mississippi home is the draw of the wild, especially for avid outdoorsmen. Mississippi hosts miles of pristine rural land for sale which conjures up dreams of winter hunting cabins, summer sweet spots for fishing, land to plant your perfect farm, and timberland investment opportunities. If you love the great outdoors and want to live your dream on your own rural property, Mississippi land for sale should be at the top of your list!  Ready to start your journey? Explore the many lands of Mississippi that Backwoods Land offers – let us help you find your perfect plot! 

Land for Sale in MS

Mississippi is home to some of the world’s best deer, duck and turkey hunting. The Magnolia State offers a cornucopia of natural resources that can satisfy any outdoorsman – from Delta farmland with its wide open spaces perfect for ranching or farming; hardwood bottoms rich in biodiversity at your fingertips; sloughs framing vast estuaries brimming over with wildlife. The average price of farms, ranches and other land listings for sale in Mississippi is around $350,000, making a land investment in MS an affordable endeavor. In fact, affordable living is something Mississippi is known for – the great Magnolia state is ranked as one of the top ten states for cost of living

If hunting is your greatest pleasure in life, you’ll be in hunter’s heaven in Mississippi. With over fifty wildlife management areas and nine national wildlife refuges, you’re sure to get white-tailed deer, waterfowl, wild hogs, and wild turkeys in your sights. Better yet, buy a hunting property in Mississippi and you’ll enjoy happy hunting 24/7!

Hunting Land for Sale in Mississippi

Mississippi is a haven for sportsmen, with its deer hunting being some of the best in all of America. The Magnolia state offers up Delta farmland, as well as hardwood bottoms sure to draw in your prey with abundant food and shelter sources. Mississippi also has sloughs perfect for waterfowl that also provide the ability to spot those giant turkeys. Not to mention East Mississippi’s Black Belt known for trophy whitetail bucks

Beyond the excellent public hunting resources and generous season and bag limits, hunting properties for sale in Mississippi are abundant. The great Magnolia state is listed as one of the top five states with the most hunting land for sale! On any given day, there is roughly 400,000 acres of hunting land for sale in MS! That means you’ll have your pick of prime hunting acreage in MS filled with whitetail deer, turkey, pig, ducks, dove, quail, and more! If you’re looking for more than just personal hunting and want to expand a hunting business in Mississippi, you’re sure to find a hunting property for sale in Mississippi that meets your exact needs. 

Farms for Sale in Mississippi

The Mississippi Delta is one of the most fertile regions in all America, and it’s no surprise that this area was once known as “the Athens of the West.” The early 1800s saw an abundance of cotton farming here and much of the Delta was cleared for this, as the alluvial deposits provide some of the richest soil in the U.S. Undeveloped land and farmland in the great Magnolia state are still abundant, offering farmers a vast range of farmland to buy in Mississippi. Beyond cotton, the Mississippi soil is known for production of soybeans and corn. 

Today, you’ll have your choice of heavily forested farmland, to Mississippi River catfish harvesting (producing over half of the farmed catfish in the United States!), or farmland with managed herds for hunting. Mississippi farms for sale offer over 40,000 acres of excellent soil, with an average Mississippi farm price of about $690,000. Whether you’re searching for a farm for sale in MS for personal enjoyment, as an investment, or to start a business, you’ll have a wide range of options, all with great growing potential! 

Timberland in Mississippi

Whether you simply love the process of timber production or are looking for a wise investment, buying timberland in Mississippi is a smart move! Available timberland has decreased worldwide due to our high use, making timber a profitable investment. Timber properties in Mississippi are a fantastic opportunity because they generate revenue from the sale of wood, provide you with rural recreational land for other uses, and potentially gain you lease fees if you choose to lease out timber space on your land. The best Mississippi timberland also appreciates well! As you can see, timber properties in Mississippi are an excellent investment opportunity for land buyers and timber investors alike. Backwoods has several timberland experts on staff to assist you with what kind of timber property to buy and to explore the best timber ranches for sale in Mississippi together! 

Mississippi Land Sale Companies

Are you ready to take the plunge and need some expert advice on buying rural properties in Mississippi? Backwoods Land Co has years of experience helping outdoorsmen, hunters, farmers, ranchers, and fishermen buy everything from small farms all the way up to large acreage land parcels out here in Mississippi’s beautiful countryside. Backwoods is an unrivaled Mississippi land company and all it takes to tap into our expertise is to pick up the phone or click to explore our listings of MS land for sale today! We can’t wait to see you! 

Sell Land in Mississippi

Backwoods Land Co also offers services for those seeking to “sell my land today”! When you’re ready to sell your land in MS, contact our land experts. We have decades of experience in preparing your land for sale, marketing land for sale in MS, and getting an excellent sale price for land in Mississippi. Whether you have farmland for sale, ranches for sale in MS, or hunting properties for sale, our expertise works to your advantage! Give us a call to sell your land today!